About Us

Jaremos Art Glass Specialists was established in response to a growing need to a reoccurring problem Bruce Orr was seeing among collectors and those wishing to divest of an estate.   While the conventional way of selling, whether an entire estate, collection, or individual piece, through a local auction is one solution it isn’t always the best approach.  As a seller there are some specific questions you should be asking to ensure you are getting the best potential outcome: 

- Does the auction house have the expertise and knowledge of the item or items?  Will they spend the time researching authenticity and value? Do they know a reproduction or fraud from the real deal?  Can they recognize a contemporary piece from an authentic Antique? 

- Is the local market appropriate for the specific item or items?  New York City may be the right destination for a Tiffany Lamp, but not for Hummel figurines; for a collection of Texas memorabilia Dallas may be just the ticket; large furniture items are definitely more suited to a local venue due to the cost of shipping; for searchable and shippable items the Internet is a must. 


Because of our years in the consulting business to auction houses, we have the expertise to strategically place your items to achieve the most advantageous outcome.  Whether through the use of multiple auction houses, private sale, Internet, estate sales, or private placement, Jaremos will get your collection to the right location to maximize your return.